repotting & refresh

Is your green companion feeling a bit cramped, outgrowing its current home or just needs a little love? No stress! We are here to provide a rejuvenating repotting experience - it’s like taking your plant to the spa. We carefully assess each plant's needs, selecting the perfect new home to enhance growth and truly make them flourish. Bring your plant in store and we will take care of the rest! No appointment necessary. For larger collections, we are also happy to come to you for a small fee. Contact us at or via social media channels. 

plant diagnostics, care tips & rescue

Are your plants not looking their best? Are pests causing trouble? No sweat! Our team of plant enthusiasts are dedicated to assessing the health of your green companions, identifying any issues, and prescribing tailored care solutions. Whether your plants need a health check, nurturing advice, or it’s a full on rescue mission, we're here to give advice on how to make them thrive. 

Plant parenthood is an art, not a science! While we're here to offer our best advice and guidance, the unique needs of each plant can be a bit like deciphering a secret language. So, consider our tips as friendly suggestions from one plant lover to another. We can't guarantee your green friends won't be a bit rebellious, but we'll be right there with you, nurturing and learning together on this botanical journey!

IMPORTANT!! If you suspect pests, please do not bring your plants into the store. Take photos of your plant and send them to us via social media or in store and we are happy to give you our diagnosis.

space consultations

Let’s face it - we are happier when we have plants. Let us guide you to create the perfect urban jungle that is not only beautiful but functional for your space. 

what do we do?

plant consultation

Our consultation services includes expert advice on which plants suit your space, specialized care guides, and a dedication to enhancing your space with flourishing greenery for overall well-being.


We provide all the plants and pots and select the best products that suit your needs, space, and budget. Although we love to take specific requests, let us be the experts on what’s best for the space. All plants and products are subject to availability but rest assured, we will choose something perfect.


We provide options that are completely flexible to your expectations and budget. We are here to elevate your vision and provide guidance along the way.

Contact us to book your FREE on-site consultation. 

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